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Who am I and what can I offer?

I earned my Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Genetics in the Czech Republic. After that I moved to France (Strasbourg) for a three-year postdoc stay and then to Germany (Berlin) for the second postdoctoral practice for three and half years. The scientific career that requires preparing presentations, writing manuscripts and grant proposals brought me to vector graphics and image processing. I gained skills in CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop, the software I mainly use for my graphic work.

My aim is to design custom-specific illustrations for researchers to save their time and help them concentrate fully on their scientific tasks.

I offer:

  • Illustrations for posters, presentations, publications, grant proposals, teaching materials and web pages
  • Suggestions and design of journal covers
  • Flyers
  • Logo design for scientific teams and conferences
  • Consultancy of figure composition into panels for publications

My customers can take advantage of an interactive approach, being able to discuss the art while in creation and modify it to suit their ideas. My education in biology and scientific experience facilitate shaping of the order and allow improvisation during the rendition.

How does it work?

  1. First meeting or correspondence – Describing the order. What kind of illustration?
    Should it be realistic or schematized? What should it emphasize? Will the customer provide source materials (photos, previous schemes)? What is the purpose of the art (will it be accompanied by a text or not)? What is the required resolution? Ideally the customer draws a paper chart, on which the overall idea can be discussed, priorities set, and details outlined, which would not be obvious at the first sight. Preliminary price estimate.
  2. Searching source material and the actual execution. Where customer cannot supply sufficient source material, I will search for it within the contract. This can be e.g. photos of particular insect species, anatomy details, etc. When making first draft, I may have additional questions about purpose of the art and customer requirements. Direct communication with the customer should expedite the process and increase the chance that first draft may already roughly satisfy the need. Final price is agreed.
  3. Delivery of first draft, major changes. Discussion of first draft with customer, identification of problems and possible changes.
  4. Delivery of revised draft, minor changes. At this stage there should be no major changes to the illustration, but rather slight modifications.
  5. Delivery of illustration. When ready and approved by the customer, the illustration will be delivered at the required resolution in the jpg or tiff format.
  6. Acknowledgment/citation. Mentioning BioGraphix in presentations or publications is part of the collaboration (a BioGraphix logo for presentations will be provided).